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SAMBA lamps are designed in single and multiple light points versions, as a general interior lighting. Due to applied technology, manually crafted, glass lampshades have unique, metallic look. The inside of the lampshade is covered with matt laquer, available in six vivid colours. The colours of the electric cables covers are matching the interior of the lamps. Light is directed mainly downwards, but it also highlights the lampshade, creating lighter stripes at its surface.

The mounting element (at the ceiling) is available in a circle or rectangular shape.

Included, high quality and energy-efficient LED lightbulbs provide nice, day light temperature (2700K – 3000K).

The power of the lamp is 10W (50W incandescent light equivalent) in case of the single light up to 50W (250W incandescent light equivalent) in case of a five light – points unit.

Included LED lightbulbs are suited for 230V voltage and aren’t ready to work with dimmer.