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About us

Our lamps are designed and manufactured by our dedicated staff using the best, carefully selected materials and components. Unique, individually hand-formed glass and metal elements are being used in production. The lamps are mostly hand-made, as most of the processes are not automated, which gives each of our products their unique, one-off character. This inimitable character of a designer product is expected and well – received, giving our lamps extraodrinary artistic and esthetic value.

We strongly believe that a lamp should not simply be a source of light. Appropriately composed lighting is an essential part of the ambience of an interior, highlighting its features, creating unique shapes within the space. Each interior is different, and our designer lamps help to highlight these differences further.

Our goal is to constantly develop and to meet the needs of more demanding part of the market, clients focused on the products that are standing out with their unique design and highest quality. We regularly introduce new lamp designs, ideas and technical solutions, using innovative production methods and techniques.

All of our products are carefully inspected in the quality control process. Technical assessments are performed in order to introduce improvements and modifications to the designs. Our products are made in accordance with the European Union directives and O certification.

We hope that you will find our offer appealing, as it is an unusual and unique alternative to the mass – produced lamps. Please take a moment to browse our offer and contact us in case you should have any questions.