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AIRE lamps are designed as general interior lighting.These lamps are looking best in multiple light point configurations. The shades are manually formed from smooth glass, with individually applied black-glass décor. Irregular character of the decor allows for delicate shadows forming at the ceiling. Each model of lamp is using different size of shades. Three colour versions are available: transparent, white and metallic. The direction of light in the metallic version is directed downwards and the lampshade itself is giving only a small amount of light.

The mounting element (at the ceiling) is available in a circle or rectangular shape.

Halogen lightbulbs are fitted to all the models, providing the best possible light quality and temperature, very similar to the day light temperature.

Halogen lamp power varies from a model to model and is between 20W (25W incandescent equivalent) to 440W (570W incandescent light equivalent).

Lamps are fitted with 230/12V electronic transformers and are ready to work with any type of dimmer, adequate to the electric power of a given model.